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ACN Laser Service specializes in
Laser Welding, Laser Engraving, Laser Marking, Spot Welding, Agron Welding & Aluminium Welding.

Company Facilities

- Machine of Laser Welding - 2units
- Machine of Laser Engraving & Marking - 1units
- Machine of Argon Welding - 2units

About ACN
ACN Laser Service is dedicated to the manufacture of specialized engineered engraving & marking solution to the manufacturing sector.

We work with some of biggest manufacturing & engineering companies ensuring their products are permanently branded to the highest level of quality and care.

ACN offers each client a customized solution to meet their specific requirement needs. We select "best-fit" solutions and perform high-quality engraving & marking processes that deliver clarity, speed and choice of services. We emphasis is placed on working closely with the customer to meet their exact requirement in terms of quality and production schedule.

Base on technical experience, ACN has been delivering quality engraving & marking solutions to a wide range of valued client across a myriad of industries. Our reputation for exceptional design, our ability to adopt the very latest technology, and our consistently superior workmanship give client's confidence.

Laser Marking & Engraving Services
ACN provides custom laser marking of metals including steel, brass and titanium as well as other materials such as plastics, ceramics and almost any type of material.

We can engrave parts with a maximum engraving depth of .003". This capability is adept to achieving a maximum engraving area of 12"x12" with character sizes between .025" and 4". Available fonts include Helvetica, OCR-A, Bar Code - 39, Script, Block, and Gothic True Type. Text may be engraved in a linear, angular, or ring orientataion. Additionally, we can engrave logos from CAD, bitmap, and vector graphic formats.

Whether you are looking for laser etching, laser marking or laser engraving for a single item or a large batch of parts we offer a cost effective and flexible solution. We can laser engraved on flat, cylindrical, curved surfaces and inside tubes with the following images, text, numbers, alphanumeric, identification, traceability, 1D barcode, 2D data matrix, QR Code, UID, serialize marking and a variety of automatic ID codes. We have the ability to apply you designs or we can helps, Our laser marking software is capable accepting various files format.

Laser engraving is a fast, economical process that provides a durable method of branding and parts traceability. We provide laser engraving of surgical implants, medical devices, other parts used in the medical, and aerospace.

Our Mission
Our mission is to be the world leader in precision laser engraving solutions that enhance the quality of industrial engraving. We strive to raise the performance standards in our profession and establish a mutual trust and loyalty with our business partners.

Our Key to Success is providing customers with superior value through:

- Laser solutions of exceptional quality
- Responsive, technical support
- On-time delivery and
- Cost-efficient service

Special Service:
Our Services Include but not limited to:
- Logo etching, certification symbols, serial codes photographic images
- Engraving & Marking of barcodes and 2-D data matrix code
- Marking and cutting of foils and light gauge MDF and plastic.
- Rapid marking on previous metals with heat sensitive materials
- Engraving Trophies, award plaques and we specialize in electrical labeling

Our Products
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